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Tomasz Jankowski

Senior UX Designer

Hi, my name is Tom and I’m a UX Designer. I have eight years of experience, which I’ve gained in some of Poland’€™s and foreign biggest companies. Combining the use of my technological knowledge with conducting an analysis of the users€ needs, my goal is to develop innovative and useful products.


8 years

Strong real experience

It is not a single year repeated 8 times
UX Research (98%)
Axure (95%)
Adobe Illustrator (90%)
Adobe Experience Design (98%)
Adobe Photoshop (84%)
HTML & CSS (70%)

The usability and functionality of web and mobile products:
Theoretical knowledge gained from studies and trainings, complemented by experience from working for the biggest Polish and foreign services.

Quality research:
Broad psychological knowledge supported by conducted independent researches with users (operating the Tobii T60 eyetracker; research on mobile applications). Creating test scenarios and recruiting procedures; analysis of results and writing reports.

HTML5 and CSS3:
I use my knowledge of the front end technology to build prototypes. I’€™m not a code-monkey, I’€™m concerned with creativity and implementing new solutions.

Technology capabilities:
Knowledge about the technology of creating an internet product gained by participating in many different projects (e-commerce, social network services, mobile applications, enterprise solution) in the scope of possibilities and available functionalities.


Sabre Corporation

Senior UX Designer | 2 years

The Sabre Airline Solutions business offers a broad range of software and data solutions to help airlines market themselves, sell products, serve customers and operate more efficiently. It provides both airline reservations systems, and a full suite of marketing and commercial planning software and enterprise operations solutions. Its data-rich software helps airlines make smarter operational decisions, personalize and retail their products to travelers.

Design the UX solution for Airline industry. I’m working with mobile and desktop produckt, like: Crew Manager, Flight Plan Manager, Load Manager, Crew Portal

October 2014 – Present | Krakow Area, Poland

Texas 2015 from Tom on Vimeo.

Group Onet.pl S.A

UX Designer | 2 years 5 month

Onet is the biggest polish medium online which offers a lot of developed thematic services. Onet reaches over 13 million unique users per month, which gives nearly 67 percent of all internet users in Poland. Onet pages gain nearly 2,4 billion page view. For this reason, Onet group offer advertisers the biggest and most attractive premium advertising space in polish network.

Designing and developing new functionalities of the group’€™s services based on User-Centered-Design; Creating interface prototypes and new specification of devices; Collaborating with a team of graphic designers and web developers and conducting an appraisal of their work; Conducting and supervising qualitative research among users.

April 2012 – August 2014 | Krakow Area, Poland



UX Designer | 8 month

One-man business; I cooperated with NF.pl and Comperia.pl like a contractor.

Product development:
Uxeria – web tools for remote usability test
Trainingbot – web tools for management training
Usability audit – analysis of sites for usability
Comperia – financial comparison

September 2011 – April 2012 | Warsaw Area, Poland

„Tomasz Jankowski has created the design for our comparison-shopping website’€™s (Comperia.pl) new interface (UX). He has fulfilled his duties in a manner, which allows us to classify him as a specialist of the highest standard. The developed interface is modern, beautiful, clear and consistent with current trends as well as our expectations. Working with Tomasz employed as a freelancer was both effective and inspiring. His professional demeanour and vast experience have contributed to the completion of the defined business objectives. Both parties have both utilized and expanded their experience. I heartily recommend working with him”
Łukasz Faciejew
Project Manager in Comperia S.A.

Group Allegro

Senior UX Designer | 2 years 3 month

Internet auction service. Leading e-commerce site in Poland. Allows users to buy and sell goods. Apart of auctions also present on classifieds arena – otomoto.pl – biggest car advervtising service in Poland, otodom.pl, allewakacje.pl, otopraca.pl, and payment services platnosci.pl. Company present in 13 countries in Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Designing and developing new functionalities of the group’€™s services based on User-Centered-Design; Creating interface prototypes and new specification of devices; Collaborating with a team of graphic designers and web developers and conducting an appraisal of their work; Conducting and supervising qualitative research among users.

June 2009 – August 2011 | Poznan Area, Poland



UX Designer - Intership | 3 month

Movile, a leader of mobile solutions in South America, is a company I’ve worked for during an employee exchange program of the Nasper group. My duties were related to Zeewe – a HTML5 app store.

My responsibilities included creating the product’s concept based on the current mobile trends, developing prototypes and conducting an analysis of the competition. My team was comprised of 8 people, while the company employed around 140 people.

 Campinas Area, Brazil


Gadu - Gadu

UX Designer | 6 month

GG Network (Gadu-Gadu) is a Polish instant messaging client using a proprietary protocol. Gadu-Gadu is the most popular IM service in Poland, with over 15 million registered accounts and approximately 6.5 million users online daily. Gadu-Gadu’s casual gaming portal had some 500,000 active users at the end of March 2009. Users send up to 300 million messages per day.

Developing projects concerning the group’€™s communicator and services. Developing the information architecture and creating functional prototypes. Analyzing and verifying the business objectives into newly implemented solutions. Conducting usability research. Working closely with the business department and the production departments.

December 2008 – May 2009 | Warsaw Area, Poland


Education & Training

University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Specialization: Human - Computer Interaction (HCI)

Psychology – full time studies in Warsaw, Poland (2005 -2010)

Running IT projects
Human – Computer Interaction (HCI)

About SWPS
About Specialization

Master€™s degree thesis:
The role of priming and recommendations of people of different status in making online consumer decisions.

This work concerns impact of emotional priming and recommendations person of different status in online consumer decisions. It was assumed that both a higher status and a positive mood will cause the submission, and will have an impact on making choices. Wide review of previous researches on the subject of influence of emotions and authority on decision-making. To verify the hypotheses, questionnaire study was conducted, where the positive or negative mood was manipulated. The study involved internet users (N = 300), who were randomly assigned to three experimental groups, distinguished on the basis of positive or negative content seen in article. Two hypothesis has been confirmed. In this study, people with higher status are considered more attractive and after additional analysis, hypothesis saying about the frequent choice of products recommended by people with higher status.. Other hypotheses claiming about the impact of mood priming and authority have not been confirmed.


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